[ANN] How to restore Qbao or mobile wallet to Qtumcore wallet

How to restore Qbao or mobile wallet to Qtumcore wallet. Please follow the steps below:


  1. First, download QtumCore wallet as the download takes time.

a. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WClt1pA6hWo
b. https://m.blog.naver.com/cc28ho/221227423767
c. https://brunch.co.kr/@medibloc/19

2. Check your Mnemonic in your mobile wallet app.
**The Mnemonic should never be exposed. Exposing the mnemonic is equivalent to showing the private key.

3. Open Qtumweb wallet(https://qtumwallet.org/) and click Restore from mobile wallet. Restore your mobile wallet on web wallet (https://qtumwallet.org/) using mnemonic.

4. Find your MED wallet.

5. You can retrieve a private key of wallet by clicking your MED wallet address.

6. Open Qtum Core wallet, and click “Debug window” under the help menu. Click Console where you can enter commands.

7. Enter the command: importprivkey private key.

8. When you see “null” as a result, it means your web wallet has been successfully restored on the qtum core wallet.
*Check your address on file menu above the qtumcorewallet

Now, go to ‘sign message’ menu and proceed to the airdrop process.

Thank you.