[ANN] MEDX (ERC20 token) Airdrop FAQ

May 29, 2018 · 2 min read

MEDX (ERC20 token) Airdrop FAQ

0. What is ERC20?

A.ERC20 is the abbreviation for ‘Ethereum Request for Comment 20’. It is the standard for tokens issued on Ethereum blockchain network.

1.What is the name of ERC20 token that MediBloc is airdropping?


2.When is the snapshot for MEDX airdrop?

A. Korea time 00:00 June 1st 2018 (UTC+9), QTUM Block number(163890)

3.Which exchanges support MED snapshot and MEDX airdrop?

A.Coinrail, Gate.io, Bibox

4.If I have MED in one of the exchanges, can I just leave my MED in the exchange wallet for snapshot?

A.Yes. The snapshot and airdrop will occur automatically.

5.What is the airdrop ratio?

A.MEDX will be airdropped in 1 to 1 ratio to your MED holding amount. For example, if you have 1,000 MED, you will receive 1,000 MEDX as an airdrop.

6.What do I need to do if I will keep my MED in QTUM core wallet?

A.You need to take an extra step. You need to visit MediBloc homepage, input digital sign, and input your ethereum wallet address. Detailed instruction on claiming your MEDX is in preparation and will be shared by next week.

7. Does QBAO wallet support the MEDX snapshot?

A. Yes. But since the exchange can provide a support, that would be a lot easier and faster.

8. Will MED (QRC token) be burned after MEDX airdrop?

A. No, the two tokens will co-exist.

9.Will MED and MEDX both be tradable at exchanges?

A.Yes. MEDX (ERC20 token) will be listed on exchanges as a separate token. MED market will remain as it is.

10.What will happen to MED and MEDX when MEDIBLOC launches its own mainnet?

A.MED and MEDX will each be swapped into 0.5 mainnet coin.

11.Do I need to have both MED and MEDX tokens to be swapped when mainnet is launched?

A. No. Regardless of which token you are holding, the token will be swapped with a fixed ratio of 0.5 coin per token.

12.When is the mainnet launch?

A. We aim to launch our mainnet by early next year, which is subject to change. We will make announcements on the mainnet roadmap in near future.

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