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“Tain’t What You Do (It’s the Way That You Do It):

That’s what gets results!”

This old song, written by Jazz musicians Melvin Oliver and James Young and recorded by the great Ella Fitzgerald, holds an indisputable truth about how all human beings make decisions. Its meaning is appealing because it clearly reflects and encapsulates the personal life-experiences of everybody as the results of the decisions that we have made, the personal effects of the actions that we have chosen to take in response to our life’s internal and external challenges.

Many years ago I had the great pleasure of meeting a remarkable Texan lady, Hannelore, an Interior Designer who, early in her career, had moved to New York to make her fortune. The following is a transcript of my recording of her life-story, just as she told it to me. Being a story of emotionally intelligent self-employment it is something of relevance to all of us in MediLiVes. …

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MediLiVes Healthcare App Launch Event in London, Saturday 16 November 2019.

On November 16th 2019 in The Holiday Inn at The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, London we all had the tremendous pleasure and privilege of attending the fantastic inaugural launch of MediLiVes and the MLIV coin.

Grant Murrell, our redoubtable and, I’m sure, against all temptations incredibly patient Master of Ceremonies has written the blog on the conference, a wildly fabulous day, and anybody who didn’t read it would be missing out.

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Grant Murrell, MediLiVes Chief Business Analyst

I can only tell you what I took away from this inspiring and, let’s face it, absolutely necessary event. There were people from many parts of our world, many from places of great suffering and injustice; as the launch-conference developed what I saw emerging most of all in so many of their eyes was something so seldom seen in all too many eyes: that something is Hope. …

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Sydney Ifergan- MediLiVes Senior Advisor

MediLiVes is a breakthrough AI-based blockchain-powered telemedicine platform which is geared to make telemedicine care faster, easier, more accurate and more economical for everybody across the world.

Leading crypto specialist Sydney Ifergan has recently joined innovative AI-based blockchain-powered telemedicine platform MediLiVes in the designation of senior advisor. MediLives is driven by the mission to disrupt the existing telemedicine and healthcare industry by lowering healthcare costs and eliminating the typical obstacles witnessed in conducting algorithmic medical examination. The platform has released its native token, MLIV, which is aimed to facilitate seamless transactions of telemedicine globally.

The MLIV tokens are currently available for purchase through a public sale and public IEO on LAToken Exchange.

Focused on telemedicine solutions, MediLiVes is a ground-breaking initiative extending new generation and unique telemedicine solutions. The company has introduced a breakthrough technology called “Analytical telemedicine system” that is geared to make medical examinations quicker and more economical. MediLiVes is backed by eminent physicians and medical experts who are widely reputed all across the European Union and the World. The company promises easy access to the world’s best doctors, healthcare providers and scientists to every member. …



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