EOS Mainnet Launch Bounty — Let your EOS stay overnight in its own wallet

EOS mainnet on-line bounty — Mainnet Airdrop

As we all known, many EOS programs would like to set airdrop snapshot time according to main-network on EOS first release day. So far, there are at least a few dozen or even hundred EOS programs have followed that rule.

Can we collect this huge bonus if the EOS is in Exchange? The answer is “Uncertain”.

Indeed, we can not blame Exchange for this situation, because Airdropping token Exchanges are always dealing with a huge amount of works. If Exchanges want to support all the airdropping activities, they will waste lots of energy and the results are usually inconsiderate. Exchanges which claim to support any airdropping will embarrass theirselves in every case. Moreover, Exchanges may withdraw coins during the bonus delivery, the instant transfer may not be available, transaction may not exist, and investors will miss the best time to arbitrage on exchanges.

EOS mainnet on-line bounty — Register EOS Account

Unlike ETH,an EOS accounts is no longer a very long list of address, instead, you can customize the code by combining English letters and numbers with one minimum digit and maximum twelve digits. This means it is definitely the domain name in blockchain era! According to EOS systematic design, EOS is required for account registration, which means you must own EOS in your wallet.

EOS mainnet on-line bounty — Sidechain Airdrop

There is not only EOS mainnet airdrop, there may also have side chain airdrop.

In the structure design of EOS, lots of side chains work together will be able to sustain two million TPS cores. Currently, we own few programs that have achieved EOS side chain, such as Cybex, MediShares etc.

EOS mainnet on-line bounty — Supernode Voting and Leasing Market

Besides candy, the EOS in wallet can also vote for supernode as well as lease for projects using. It not only involves community building but also receives substantial profit.

Since there are a lot of bounties, you only need to go to Exchanges when you do want to transact EOS. That’s why you are the only person to control your candy’s density, map EOS in wallet and you will never miss any bounty. Furthermore,no matter where you decide to save your EOS, it is always a secure decision to map your Ether wallet’s address at the beginning.

Hence, I will recommend an App called “MDS Wallet”. The MDS Wallet is the best App to back up EOS in the present market. The MDS Wallet supports both EOS and ETH ecosystem simultaneously,which means it has huge advantages in mapping process, mapping result verification and private key backing up.

How to map EOS on MDS Wallet:

  1. Transfer EOS into MDS Wallet’s ETH wallet.

2. Create a new EOS wallet and also back up EOS private key. (NOTES: Please back up and ensure the private key security)

3. Switch back to ETH Wallet and find out EOS interface, start mapping, make a zero Ether transaction, type in the mapping relationship into blockchain.

4. Once the transaction is settled, the mapping result will be displayed clearly on interface

A bonus surprise! MSD Wallet provides a convenient tool for EOS account registration by just one click. What an appreciate function!

Install MSD Wallet’s here: http://www.medishares.org/wallet/en/

Scan the QR Code to Install MDS Wallet
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