MediShares Community Marketing Program

Responsibility of Community Marketing Partner

1. Be responsible to promote MDS and let more people get the idea of the culture and vision of MDS.

2. Follow MDS’s official media platform and be willing to share and spread the positive news of MDS.

3. Warm up the community group, and share the right attitude towards market investment.

4. Reply the questions in community group timely.

Build Community Group

If you are the admin of a Telegram group that has more than 300 members or build a Telegram group from 0 MDS follower to over 300 followers and pass the observation period of one month (do not forget to invite the admin from MediShares Official Chat Group), you will get 100–500 MDS in reward.

Group name example: if your nationality is Indonesia, the group name could be: Medishares Indonesia


1. Group member should not be duplicated with the member in MediShares Official Chat Group.

2. Invite the admin of MediShares Official Chat Group : 【@yang0117】 to the Telegram group you build.

3. Post the relevant news or message of MDS at least 3 times a week. Warm up the Group positively.

4. Spam group or silent group is invalid.


On the first day of each month, MDS will decide the amount of rewards according to the level of activeness, relevance of discussion, etc. of the group. The rewards sending usually takes 1–3 business days.