MediShares is hiring !!

MediShares is an Ethereum-based, decentralized, open-source mutual insurance contract platform, which provide a low operation cost and guarantee of compensation for risks.

Currently, Medishares is focused on project development and we need more talent individuals to join our down-to-earth team. If you are talent in technology development, operation or promotion, please send your resume to:

We sincerely invite you to join MediShares.

Blockchain Engineering


1. Design & research & develop blockchain product

2. Develop ethereum-based blockchain platform, base framework and smart contract

3. Research blockchain protocol &operating mechanism & underlying implementation, assist in optimizing basic blockchain product


1. Bachelor’s degree or above with the relevant major in Software Engineering or Computer Science

2. Experience with Linux, expertise in one of the following language: Java/C++/Go, experience with Solidity will be a bonus

3. Knowledg of data structures & algorithms, have researched cryptographic protocol & algorithm

4. Proficient in blockchain product (Bitcoin/Ethereum)’s theory, mechanism and relevant cryptographic algorithm will be preferred

5. Good at team working and execution, strong problem analyzing & solving ability

Overseas Community Manager


1. Maintain overseas user community and interact with the community timely

2. Evaluate and research both domestic and overseas blockchain market

3. Responsible for high quality output operating, producing and publishing over the global community

4. Other operating work


1. Ability to work independently

2. Bachelor’s degree or above, good command in English and excellent written skill

3. Experience in using social medias such as facebook, twitter, google and other advertising platform

4. Experience with overseas social network marketing and promotion

5. 3+ years of overseas network promotion experience


1. Know about blockchain, cryptocurrency

2. Life/ study experience in European/America

3. Familiar with Japanese or Korean