MediShares Project Update| 2018.1.12

MediShares is the first global mutual insurance marketplace on the blockchain. It combine the traditional mutual insurance model with blockchain and smart contract which provide a low operation cost and guarantee of compensation for risks.

We gratefully thank all the community friends and MediShares fans that the project could not go far without your support and trust. MediShares project focuses on long-term development, and our community will always follow the principle of fairness and transparency. In future, we will periodically release our project update in form of progress journal. Below is the recent project progress:

Recent Work Summary

Market Transactions:

On January 3rd, MDS was listed on

On January 3rd, 2018, MDS was launched on the off-exchange trading platforms of OTCBTC.

On January 3rd, MDS was listed on Dew.

On January 11th, MDS was listed on OTCBTC and initiated trades with other coins.

The MDS Lock-up Program Successfully Concluded

The “MDS lock-up program” drew to a successful close at 00:00am, January 11th, 2018, with 295 transactions and 50,141,692.6797 MDS in total.

Before 00:00, July 15th, 2018(GMT+8), you can chose to lock your MDS for 6 months or 12 months through the address below:

If you don’t choose your lock-up period within the deadline 00:00, July 15th, 2018(GMT+8), the system will set it to 12 months by default.

MDS APP Testing Activity in Progress

Currently, there have been more than 20 thousand users that signed up to test MDS APP and got candies (free MDS) in return. Due to the limited number of candies, please sign up as soon as possible (notice: you need to complete identity verification to gain candies).

Link to candies:

The Progress of Development

Smart Contract:

Developed contract of mutual aid protocol


Validated local account creating, updating, deleting, unlocking, unlock canceling, encrypted storing and other functions

Backup & restore (keystore、private key and mnemonic)


Validated testing network (Ropsten & Kovan & Rinkeby) and formal network (Mainnet);

Supported block number、block detail and gas price checking

Supported exchanges between eth and token

Supported transaction detail checking

Android APP

Built the initialization of MDS APP

Support mufti-language ( don’t need to restart)

Validated contacts selection page

Validated asset add function

Accessed zxing QR Code and photo identification

Validated finger print function

Created local account and implemented local account packing

Textview self-adaption

MDS App Design

The 1st editon interface:

Arranged visual forms of the APP, generated MDS Design Token and exported JSON document data

Confirmed development process of the APP design following the standards of Design Token

MediShares official website maintenance