Life In the Fast Lane Needs Donations on the Go!

By Raychel Harvey-Jones

Life in the fast lane and donating on the go just got easier. Horizon Goodwill opened a drive-thru donation centre on Friday in Frostburg, Maryland.

“To serve our donors better, we want to make the donation process as easy and convenient as possible,” says Horizon Goodwill CEO John McCain. “A drive-thru donation center allows the donor to be protected from the elements as it isn’t necessary to leave the car if you wish.”

Horizon Goodwill serves over 5,000 people each year through its mission of “Removing Barriers, Creating Opportunities”. Donations are an essential part of the work carried out by the non-profit recently rated #1 in the Brand World Value Rankings for 2016 above brands like Amazon and Google for sticking to their mission.

This location is rare in that donors actually get to drive through the building, drop off donations and drive on out.

“One of the main ways we serve people is through paid work opportunities, and many of those opportunities come through our donated goods retail program. This program relies on donations from the community to be successful. We estimate that one bag of clothing results in one hour of paid work training for individuals with disabilities or other barriers to employment,” adds McCain.

The Frostburg drive-thru location is the second location the organization has opened this year; the first opened in Hagerstown in July.

“The Hagerstown location has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings out of all of our drop off locations. We expect higher and higher numbers of donors each month, says McCain.”

Horizon Goodwill is keeping up with the demands of both those in the community who need help and those who are part of the donating process. McCain says there are more stores on the way.

McCain says, “We hope to open our 18th store next month at the South End shopping center in Hagerstown, behind South Hagerstown High School. It will have an attached drive-thru donation center.”

In 2017, the organization will also be looking to update many of its stores, which will increase the number of donation sites.