‘Walking Dead’ Actress Ann Mahoney is Out of the Closet

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Photo: Brent Asay Hair/Make-up: Elizabeth Gazzo Baker

“As a working mom, it’s a balancing act between looking stylish and being practical,” says Ann Mahoney.

I haven’t had time to go through my clothes this summer between working on “Million Dollar Quartet” and “The Walking Dead” as I have rarely been home. Cutting down on the clutter and keeping the clothes that are my style means I can spend more time with my kids and less time choosing what to wear,” says Mahoney.

“The mission is tons of style with a tiny closet,” says Jennifer Mapp Bressan from Mappcraft.com.

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Photo: Brent Asay Hair/Make-up: ElizabethGazzo Baker

Jenn, a self-confessed shopaholic, says the capsule closet changed her life, and now she is inspiring others to take the plunge.

“Ann is easy to work with as she has a clearly defined personal style, ample body confidence and she knows what she likes.” says Jenn.

Mahoney says, “I like whimsical clothing, with intricate details but I don’t like them to be overwhelming. I knew I had a lot of black clothes, but wow — I do.”

Jenn says, “A goth girl at heart Ann loves black. I challenged her to take a hard look at the black assortment, and together we eliminated several items that she once loved but had run their course.”

The MappCraft capsule wardrobe should have between 35–40 items for each season. Everything should fit, be versatile to wear in different ways and make you feel great!

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Before the closet make-over. Photo: Brent Asay.

“We started with 50 items and narrowed it down to 38. Don’t tell yourself you will fit into ‘those jeans’ one day, or that you can’t throw something away as it was expensive or has sentimental value — you can do it,” says Jenn.

While the goal of the capsule wardrobe is to reduce the number of garments, it’s also to create lots of different outfits.

“I confess I did put a couple of black casual shirts back in my closet when Jenn wasn’t looking,” adds Mahoney.

Jenn says, “If it doesn’t serve you then ditch it.”

“If you don’t wear an item of clothing, but you think you can’t live without it, store it out of sight for a few months.”

As each season passes look back at the clothes that you didn’t wear or that you weren’t comfortable in and donate, consign, or simply ditch them, this will help keep your closet clutter free.

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Compact and chic! Photo: Brent Asay.

“The great thing about evaluating the productivity of your closet and cutting the clutter — is that you can then shop to fill the gaps.”

“Accessories are the key to a capsule wardrobe. Step 1, chose your ‘base’ outfit like a dress, Step 2, add some texture, color or print. Step 3, pick out some jewelry and then the shoes!”

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Jenn Mapp Bressan. Photo: Brent Asay Hair/Make-up: Elizabeth Gazzo Baker

“The secret to looking stylish and effortless is the comfort. If you are comfortable, then you are confident, and that’s the secret to great style,” adds Jenn.

Mahoney says, “I had fun going through my closet, and I learned that it is ok to give things away. If you aren’t responding instinctually to a piece of clothing, it doesn’t belong. Like everything else in my life, there are things I have a passion for. The things I am not passionate about — should be given away to someone who might love them!”

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