MCP | Spring Cleaning: Social Media Edition -

Spring is around the corner, and most people associate the season with renewal and rebirth — starting fresh. It’s the time to go through the storage unit, the garage, and the walk-in closet to grab all the clutter that you never use in order to make room for the new and better things in store.

Now, I’m thinking: why not apply the same mentality to social media? How many tired, old tactics are we continuing to use to such a point that we don’t leave room for new, creative strategies?

Just like you ransack your closet, looking at every dress or pair of shoes inquisitively — asking yourself how many times you’ve worn it and if that justifies keeping it… Ransack your performance data and look at key statistics on the tactics you’ve used to see how many times you’ve tried it, if it’s been successful, and if it’s worth continuing.

That platform that you keep posting on that isn’t bringing you any ROI in spite of trying a million ways of making it work — drop it! If your audience isn’t there, then your time and energy is better spent on other channels.

Monthly or weekly campaigns can be very effective with your audience, but if it’s been six months and the engagement has plummeted, go back to the drawing board. Just as seasons change and trends evolve, so does your audience! The same content mix that worked last year will not necessarily work this year.

So why not take advantage of the spring season and clean out the social media closet! Do some research, scope out the competition, and find new and exciting ways to interact with and encourage action from your audience! Trust me, you — and your audience — will be thankful you did.

Don’t have the time to dive deep into the numbers and come up with a new social media game plan? MCP can help! Give us a call and let us give your social media a fresh start: 1.800.627.1265.

This post was written by Jackie Silva — Wildauer. Jackie is an Account Manager with Media Connect Partners.

Originally published at on February 24, 2016.

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