Speeding to the market with a sustainable idea is tough for any startup, especially when the rush to prototype mentality is such an integrated part of the process. However, with failure rates in the high 70 to 80 percentiles, many startups cannot afford NOT to prioritize a level of understanding of how or why their soon to be users gravitate to a specific experience.

The drawback of course that many will point to is lack of time. Time not only determines how fast we move in the startup community, but also the decisions that come with it and unfortunately research…

Solving the problem: consistent, updatable styling that’s adaptable for any mobile screen size

You’ve designed countless UIs, from mobile Commerce to social apps, but haven’t found a way to create a system that can translate across multiple projects. As you stare at those 50+ screens that you designed for iPhone, your now struggling to figure out how to translate those same designs to a smaller or larger device, in a timely yet efficent manner. Of course, you’ve nailed down the export feature in Sketch for various resolutions, but that doesn’t get you to the finishline of seeing an updated UI, on a iPad, quickly and easily, and that’s where Lilac Studio comes in.

What is Lilac Studio?

So here you are, sitting in that office chair now awaken to what you may call the designer’s matrix. You’ve seen the benefits of working from home first hand and can’t imagine a life where your cubicle becomes your forever workplace. You’ve seen others like you unplug from that chair and now its your turn to take the plunge…but before you endulge in that red pill of remote working and fall down that rabbit hole, let’s get you prepared.

Oh where or where did my designer go?

If you could ask each of your clients what their biggest fear in working with a remote designer is, communication is…

You have work, school, family, relationships, and a social life. Juggling all of these items while maintaining a sense of concentration can seem overbearing, but with these easy to use techniques you can tackle the most daunting of tasks head on.

Step 1: Recognizing your flaws

One of the biggest things that you can do immediately that will help to turn things around is identifying your problem areas. Do you have a tendency to wait to the last minute before tackling tasks (because of course, you work better under pressure)? Or do you spend too much time or attention towards one area of your life…

Will Taylor

Founder and Principle designer of Mediasans + Creator of Gone Task Management Tool + Photographer + Writer + Public Speaker

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