Academic Tech Ventures Is Providing Capital To Ground-Breaking Ingenuity

Academic Tech Ventures Is Providing Capital To Ground-Breaking Ingenuity

Academic Technology Ventures is a startup venture investment firm that promotes the discovery of new technologies and the benefits of taking them to the marketplace. Founded as a way to provide the means for innovative thinkers to maintain a successful business doing what they do best, Academic Tech Ventures actively encourages researchers, scientists, and professors in order to present the ingenuity expressed through creative freedom and excellent research. By bringing new and innovative inventions into being, they hope to provide more ground-breaking technologies to laboratories and educational programs in order to aid in the discovery and education of the sciences for years to come.

However, because brilliant inventors aren’t known for their acute business sense, CEO and Founder Corey Park hopes that by making his services and the services of his elite team available to the educated public that they will provide the necessary means to facilitate further research and development in all of the scientific fields while simultaneously providing financial stability.

A Team of Dedicated Professionals

Academic Technology Ventures draws on the unique strengths of its team members. By valuing and respecting the diversity, focus, capabilities, talent, and education of their team, they are able to skillfully use every team member when growing new businesses. With experts in management, marketing, science, engineering, IT, medicine, and dozens of other fields, ATV has the flexibility to take on technologies with a wide range of applications. They are there to provide the resources and expertise to turn newly licensed technologies into profitable ventures.

“At Academic Technology Ventures we simply love the challenge and excitement of launching new and meaningful technology companies.”-
Corey Park
CEO & FOUNDER, Academic Tech Ventures

Currently, their portfolio boasts a wide range of achievements. Not only is Academic Technology Ventures sponsoring research at five major universities, but their list of successful businesses includes ground-breaking inventions in nanotechnology, transportation, construction, energy, medical, aviation, computers and more!