How Mark Shalloway Is Helping Alzheimer’s Patients By Educating Their Loved Ones

Mark Shalloway, an elder care and special needs attorney based in West Palm Beach, Florida has made it his life’s mission to be an educator. For an attorney to give his time (“pro bono” in the legal parlance) is not new. What makes Mr. Shalloway, of Shalloway & Shalloway unique in his field is his combination of commitment as an educator coupled with his generosity of spirit within his profession. Most attorneys give a little hear and there, donate to charities in the community and sponsor the right non-profit events for good branding.

Elder Care Attorney G. Mark Shalloway

There is nothing wrong with these approaches. Each time someone gives she or he should be commended. Within the legal community giving is taught as part of the calling in the profession.

Mark Shalloway at Fort Stewart, Georgia

Mark Shalloway however goes beyond these excellent first steps. For example, he has held a two day seminar on estate planning for the Judge Advocate General (JAG) corps in Fort Stewart, Georgia.

He routinely publishes informative articles on such important legal minutiae as negotiating the right insurance for your parents or the steps one can take to ensure optimal financial planning for elder care. With more and more Americans spending a larger portion of their retirement savings going towards the care of their parents or loved ones. According to Forbes Magazine, most Americans believe average monthly home care expenses are around $417 when in fact they are a whopping $3,861.00!

Caring for Your Elder Loved Ones Requires Planning Ahead

Pavan Vaddey, a home care analyst, explains this discrepancy and the importance of planning ahead for elder care: “We’ve seen time and time again that Americans grossly underestimate the financial impact of home health care, nursing home care and other forms of special needs care. Our figures explain that Americans should start planning for their retirement and care as early as possible, particularly with funding for Medicare and Medicaid in question 20 or 30 years down the road.”

Mark Shalloway explains the importance of his educational and pro bono work to his law firm: “I’m deeply moved by helping people understand the importance of planning ahead and preparing for their care or the care of their loved ones. By helping people prepare for a better retirement and learn the financial stakes in estate planning or picking the right health insurance, I empower them to lead better lives and better prepare their loved ones.”

For excellent resources on picking a nursing home and other questions visit the Florida Department of Elder Affairs. For more information about Shalloway and Shalloway visit