Ohio State Medical Marijuana Fees

While support for medical marijuana continues to expand across the country, there are still plenty of issues with its legalization, even in places that overwhelmingly upport it. Case in point: the current situation in Ohio.

Earlier this week, state regulators revealed more details for Ohio’s new medical marijuana problem, and it’s not looking good for growers. Why? Because one of the rules states that in order for a medical marijuana manufacturer to stay in business it would have to pay $100,000 per year for just one of 40 available licenses. Bigger manufacturers would pay $200,000 every year for what they are calling a cultivator license, and even dispensaries have to pay $40,000 every year for the right to distribute medical marijuana.

Needless to say, it didn’t go over well. The Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee immediately began questioning the high fees, wondering how much of those were actually needed to run the program. Things even went so far that the committee asked state officials to release a budget plan so they could see exactly where the money from these high fees would go to, and whether or not there were areas to cut.

These are good pushbacks. In many areas where medical marijuana is legal, bureaucratic red tape like this can keep the industry from thriving. Granted, the state legislature may come back with a budget that makes sense, which shows that they WILL need all of this revenue in order to run the program, but it’s a good thing that they’re being forced to present evidence rather than have this just go forward without pushback.

We’ll keep you posted as more on this story develops, as well as any other states that try to enact similar legislation.

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Originally published at www.medicalmarijuana.com on February 4, 2017.

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