We’ve recently received a number of questions that stem from this article describing what Ancestry…

Hi Ancestry — you took William D. Robathan’s questions and promised him an answer. To refresh, he’s still waiting to know:

  1. Will Ancestry.com guarantee that it and any of it’s subsidiaries or related entities will NEVER sell Ancestry collected DNA data to ANY third party?
  2. Will Ancestry guarantee that any collected DNA data by Ancestry will NEVER be sold or used for profit by any entity purchasing or merging with Ancestry or any entity purchased by Ancestry?
  3. Will Ancestry.com guarantee that no other entity Ancestry contracts with to analyze DNA samples or otherwise handle DNA data for Ancestry.com’s purposes will use the data for their purposes including sales to third parties? (My concern is not allayed because you have not as yet sold to third parties, nor that you currently have a policy not to.)
  4. Does Ancestry anticipate profiting from collected DNA data besides it’s service fee to provide analysis? If so, will you relay how?
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