Stop Worrying About The Semantics…

OK let’s get one thing clear. HTML doesn’t like me and I don’t like it. Sure… we met, we looked at each other, we thought “yea… why not?”… but that’s not exactly blossoming into the romance we had both hoped for. It’s a lot more complex than it first let on and let’s face it, I’m too into the back-end for it to understand my priorities.

(It’s not a weird problem or anything. I’m not even that worried about it. Don’t even know why I brought it up. Let’s not go on about it…)

But maybe its just me. I think of all HTML5 has to offer… It’s not like HTML5 isn’t beautiful. It’s leaner (not that I’m superficial) and more focused on the job. It has sematics and depth. And sometimes people find that hard to understand… I did too at first.

But there is real beauty to semantics in HTML5… the code is leaner and loads faster. It’s less of a weight on the browser. If you are a true modern day software developer then separation of concerns matters to you and separating out styling from the content makes sense… this isn’t your grandfather’s software world anymore!

And let’s be honest… HTML5 is forgiving of my many faults. You can design a greate site without having an eye for design and I need front-end services like that in my life.

Written by Retesh Bajaj and Rebecca Appleyard

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