The main core of MedicoHealth is to help users get better treatment and health opportunities by connecting them to the best doctors and other healthcare professionals on a decentralized application. In order for us to improve the fragmented healthcare system, and make a significant difference for users, we need to connect with our community and show appreciation to the early supporters. We want to recognize the community effort and give everyone the opportunity to get involved in our project and get fairly rewarded in return. Which is why we have decided to launch a community competition!

We will run several awareness stages of this competition on Bounty0x (register here), rewarding every supporter with MHP tokens. Every few weeks we will release a new stage with different activities.

All stages of the competition will be open and active until the end of our ICO.

The goal of the first stage of our community competition is to spread as much awareness about MedicoHealth project as possible. In this stage we want community to get to know us and our project a bit better.

To build a strong and active community around our project we have decided to team up with Bounty0x and allocate 4,000,000 MHP tokens to our Community Competition Pool.

Bounty0x Campaign Token Breakdown:

Exclusive competition = 5% = 200,000 MHP

LinkedIn = 5% = 200,000 MHP

Telegram= 10% = 400,000 MHP

Facebook = 10% = 400,000 MHP

Blog = 30% = 1,200,000 MHP

Video = 10% = 400,000 MHP

Twitter = 10% = 400,000 MHP

Other = 20% = 800,000 MHP

So without further ado, here is all you need to know about MedicoHealth community competition program:

Competition starts on 23rd of March, 2018 and will be active until the end of our ICO.


As we have mentioned before our competitions will be fully hosted on Bounty0x platform, meaning users will need to register an account there in order to participate in our activities.

  1. Go to Bounty0x platform (
  2. Register a Bounty Hunter account
  3. Search for MedicoHealth activities
  4. Pick the one you like the best
  5. Participate



  1. Sign up for a newsletter + join and like ALL of our social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Telegram)


❖ Only the first 100 participants that will sign up and like all of our social media accounts will be rewarded.

❖ Fake accounts will be marked as invalid and will be fully excluded from the competition

❖ Removal of likes, follows or subscribes of any social media platforms (before tokens are distributed) will result in you losing the tokens


First 100 participants = 2,000 MHP


  1. Join Medicohealth Telegram group


❖ You must stay in Medicohealth Telegram group at least until the end of the Community Competition


Join the group = 150 MHP


  1. Like Medicohealth Facebook page
  2. Share FB posts on your profile


❖ Facebook posts must be shared publicly (Public privacy setting)

❖ We will check the engagement on the shared post

❖ Only one shared post is allowed per day

❖ Fake accounts will be marked as invalid and will be fully excluded from the competition.

❖ Post share depends on how many FB friends do you have on your profile


Like Medicohealth FB page = 100 MHP

1 post share, < 100 friends = 0 MHP tokens

1 post share, 100–300 friends = 80 MHP tokens

1 post share, 300–500 friends = 100 MHP tokens

1 post share, 500–1000 friends = 150 MHP tokens

1 post share, > 1000 friends = 200 MHP tokens

5. Twitter

  1. Follow the official Twitter page
  2. Retweet Medicohealth tweets


❖ Only one retweet is allowed per day

❖ Fake accounts will be marked as invalid and will be fully excluded from the competition

❖ Reward depends on number of your followers on Twitter


Follow the official Twitter page = 100 MHP tokens

1 retweet, < 100 account followers = 0 MHP tokens

1 retweet, 100–300 account followers = 60 MHP tokens

1 retweet, 300–500 account followers = 80 MHP tokens

1 retweet, 500–1000 account followers = 100 MHP tokens

1 retweet, > 1000 account followers = 150 MHP tokens


Each task will be validated at the end of our ICO, this is also when the tokens will be distributed to the eligible participants. Only users that followed the rules, terms and conditions will be eligible to receive MHP tokens. Rewards (MHP tokens) will be visible on your Bounty0x profile after the competition ends.

We invite everyone to take part in our competitions and help us spread the word. You can join the competition in any stage. Good luck and happy hunting!

If you have any questions about our Bounty0x competition join our Telegram group:

Also follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on the latest news: