Here is the visual instructions how to buy MKX📱

MKX started IEO(Private Sale and Crowdsale) from November 1st 2021 to 31st January 2022🔥

💰How to Buy MKX💰

By Application

GokuMarket app📱
iOS :

  1. Go to “Home” and tap ”More”
  2. Tap ”Launchpad”
  3. Find “MedikhanaX” and tap “Contribute”

4. Select “Bank Card” or “Wallet”

  • Bank Card: Please select payment currency “USD, EUR….”
  • Wallet: Please select Payment crypto “ BTC, USDT….”
    (Payment crypto need to be deposited in Main Wallet)

Medikhana is pleased to announce that we have signed a strategic partnership with Yodpiman Flower Market, one of the world’s top three flower markets, as known as Pak Klong Taraad. (

Yodpiman Flower Market is best known as a wholesale place in Thailand for flowers, fruits, and vegetables — local farmers across the 76 provinces set a marketplace to serve for restaurants, hotels, street food vendors, supermarkets and even for a foreign tourist who came across.

Medikhana is pleased to offer blockchain traceability system, while Yodpiman Flower Market offers us a testing environment to set an early foot for the upcoming cannabis and kratom industries.

Medikhana Official

MedikhanaX (MKX), Rebranded

Medikhana is pleased to announce that we have rebranded the MedikhanaX (MKX) ticker to better reflect the image of our business, Blockchain X Cannabis.

Medikhana provides quality assurance, sales tracking, and cultivation technical support using blockchain technology and IoT to companies and farmers who grow cannabis, Kratom, vegetables, and fruits.

We are also selling cannabis ingredients and CBD products manufactured by our group company, Siam Reiwa in Buriram. The commercial of CBD related products will be handled by Medikhana’s subsidiary company in Thailand.

Medikhana Official

Medikhana Group, Siam Reiwa (2020) Co., Ltd. or Reiwa, has obtained Hemp Growing license [License#: บร 2/2564 (ป) ] from Ministry of Public Health in Thailand on August 10, 2021.

Its achievement is the first Japan-based private company in Southeast Asia to obtain license for hemp. Reiwa will use its own import license to import seed and target the first crop trial in this year.

Supported by Medikhana, Reiwa implements Blockchain technology to certify and secure products — aiming to “the most safest CBD products to use and consume in Southeast Asia.”



Blockchain Solution to Agriculture Industries