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Blocking On Medium

Medium now gives users an important tool to control their experience — the ability to block other users.

Important details about blocking

Introducing Highlights

The most fun you can have on Medium with one hand

​In this fast-paced online world, sometimes you simply don’t have the time to select a…

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Life is made of stories.

An Update from the iOS Lab

Here at Medium World Headquarters, there is a door.

It is a simple, nondescript, solid lead, blast-proof door that most people who visit the office walk right past without even noticing. Above the bank-vault combination lock is a small placard which reads “iOS Guild.”

And oh the sounds we hear from behind that door. Whoops and…

Text Shots

You know that thing everybody does on Twitter where they screenshot some highlighted text to get around the 140 character limit? You know, like this?


Using Twitter video to respond to your tweets

Inspired by this post from Gary Vaynerchuk, we decided to reply to all of our @mentions with a Twitter video…


First person to respond to this post (click the respond button at the bottom) with all 40 words gets a Medium Swag Pack™.

New Publication Feature: Logos

You can now feature your logo at the top of every story in your publication, just like our very own Matter, Cuepoint, and Backchannel.

  1. Navigate to your publication homepage and click into edit mode:

Feature a Story on Your Medium Profile

Be who you want to be

Everyone can commiserate with that classic dilemma:

Medium Publications

In the beginning, there were collections. And they were good.

But as Medium grew, the intended purpose of our collections became diluted. They were torn…