Blocking On Medium

Medium now gives users an important tool to control their experience — the ability to block other users.

Important details about blocking

  • If you block the author of a response, it will not be linked from anywhere on your post, for anyone. It will still appear on the blocked user’s profile page with a link back to your post, and be available in search and other lists on Medium.
  • Accounts you’ve blocked can’t follow you, and you can’t follow accounts you’ve blocked.
  • Blocking an account will cause you to unfollow them, and will cause them to unfollow you.
  • Blocking is a useful tool for hiding unwanted content. Notes from blocked accounts won’t be visible to you, and their posts will be filtered out of most lists throughout the site. You can still view their profile, including their posts.
  • Blocked users can still @mention you in notes, but you won’t get a notification.
  • We won’t notify someone when you block them, but they’ll be able to tell they’ve been blocked if they try to visit your profile or posts while logged in.
  • When you block someone, you can still see each other in search results and various user lists across the site. However, the blocked account cannot further view your details or content while logged in.

Blocked users can’t do the following

  • Follow you.
  • View your posts or notes while logged in. This also means they can’t leave notes on, recommend, or otherwise interact with your content.
  • View your profile information when logged in. When a blocked user visits your profile, they’ll see a message letting them know that they’ve been blocked.

Managing blocks

You can block an account via the drop-down menu next to the Follow button on their profile, or the ‘More’ menu at the bottom of one of their posts.

You can view a list of all accounts you’ve blocked in your account settings.

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