Getting started on Medium for non-profit organizations

Tips and resources

Jun 9, 2014 · 2 min read

Medium is a great place for nonprofits, and here’s a tip sheet:

Getting Started

Sign up with your organization’s Facebook or Twitter account. We recommend using your organization’s existing social media accounts. This will be the same account people will follow for content distribution.

Basics of using Medium

  1. Click on your avatar to access navigation.
  2. Click on “New Story” to start writing.
  3. Drafts: posts that are not published and that you can share with anyone.
  4. Stories: posts that are published.
  5. All published stories appear on your profile (
  6. A publication is a way to organize your stories into a theme. You have to create one by clicking the “New Publication” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  7. View your stats page to measure the impact of your story
  8. Visit the Help Center for more.

What other organizations are doing on Medium

Organizations (not pertaining to NPOs) are using Medium in various different ways:

Notable non-profit organizations on Medium

Examples of stories with high engagement

Distributing your story

  1. Share on Facebook and Twitter. You can find share buttons at the bottom of every story.
  2. Encourage people to follow you on your organization’s profile. They will receive a notification each time you publish a story.
  3. Create a themed publication. People can choose to follow the publication if they do not want to follow the profile. Stories from a followed publication get distributed onto our Personalized Reading List.
  4. A story will trend and get distributed more throughout our network if a lot of people are reading it at any given time.

More resources

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