Getting started on Medium for non-profit organizations

Medium is a great place for nonprofits, and here’s a tip sheet:

Getting Started

Basics of using Medium

  1. Click on “New Story” to start writing.
  2. Drafts: posts that are not published and that you can share with anyone.
  3. Stories: posts that are published.
  4. All published stories appear on your profile (
  5. A publication is a way to organize your stories into a theme. You have to create one by clicking the “New Publication” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  6. View your stats page to measure the impact of your story
  7. Visit the Help Center for more.

What other organizations are doing on Medium

Notable non-profit organizations on Medium

Examples of stories with high engagement

Distributing your story

  1. Encourage people to follow you on your organization’s profile. They will receive a notification each time you publish a story.
  2. Create a themed publication. People can choose to follow the publication if they do not want to follow the profile. Stories from a followed publication get distributed onto our Personalized Reading List.
  3. A story will trend and get distributed more throughout our network if a lot of people are reading it at any given time.

More resources

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