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  1. Can I write in the App?
    YES! This is a simplified version of the full writing experience that you have come to know and love on You can start a new story from the bottom of your home screen, and save multiple drafts.
  2. Can I edit my published story?
    Yes. Go to your published story and click edit.
  3. Can I put images in my story?
    Yes. While writing your story, click the camera icon to take a photo or access images from your photo gallery.
  4. How do I save my drafts?
    We autosave as you write, and sync to the web. To return to your drafts, click the writing icon from the home screen again.
  5. Can I access my app drafts on the web?
    Yes. We sync all drafts with the web.
  6. Can I see my stats?
    Yes. Go to your profile to access your stats.
  7. How do I navigate in the app?
    From the home screen, you can access your Home, Search/Explore, Editor, Notifications, and Profile. Stories are presented in your Home reading list. When you find one you like, tap to go to it. In the tool bar at the bottom of the screen you can bookmark, recommend, and share the story.
  8. How do I sign out?
    Go to your profile page, click “Settings,” and you can log out there.
  9. How do I search?
    Click the magnifying glass in the bottom on the home screen.
  10. If I get a login error, what do I do?
    If you’re trying to login with Twitter and are having issues, you’ll need to go into you iOS system settings (Settings app) and click into Twitter and re-enter your Twitter account credentials.
  11. What goes into my reading list?
    Your reading list in the app is synced with your reading list on the web. Your reading list is made up of stories published and recommended by the people and collections you follow on Medium, as well as a mix of our top trending stories.
  12. Where are my bookmarks?
    Click the magnifying glass, and scroll down through the Discovery lists.
  13. Do you support iOS 7?
    Version 1.19.1633 is our last supported iOS 7 version.
  14. How do I delete my account?
    Send us an email at

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