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2 min readJun 6, 2013


Stay up to date with what people are writing and recommending on Medium by clicking the “follow” button on their profile page, or at the bottom of their story. You can also follow publications.


If you read something you like, hit the green heart at the bottom of the story to help surface it to others. Everything you recommend will be listed on your profile page.


If you find a story that engages or enrages you, write a response! You can do it directly from the bottom of the post, or highlight a certain section you’d like to focus on. Your highlight response will become an independent Medium post that includes the text of that highlight and a link back to the original story.

Leave a note

Your 2 cents can be worth a million dollars. Give feedback to the author by leaving notes on a story. To leave a note on a specific sentence or word, highlight the text and an option to leave a note will pop up.


Intrigued, but don’t have enough time? Click on the bookmark button at the bottom of the story or on the lower right-hand corner toolbar, and it will be added to the bookmark column on your homepage.


If you read a story that you’d like to share, click the share icon at the end of the story or on the lower right-hand toolbar to open up the share window, or click the additional options to send the story via email. You can also highlight a sentence that you love and a Tweet option will pop up.

Report a post

You can help make it a better place to read and write by identifying spam and abuse. At the bottom of the page to the right of the share button, there is an additional options menu where you can send us a report. Read more about what we consider spam here.

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