Measure the impact of your story

Your stats page will allow you to see how people are interacting with your stories. To access your stats, click on you avatar in the top right corner and then choose “Stats” from the menu.

You will see a graph showing the aggregate of views, reads, and recommendations on all of your stories for the last 30 days. Hover over a date to get that day’s numbers. You can also scroll back in time by clicking the “Prev 30 days” button.

Your individual story statistics are found below the graph. “Views” are the number of people who have looked at a post, while “reads” tells you how many have read the entire story. The Read ratio is the difference between your reads and views. Recommendations are self-explanatory.

If you see a sudden spike in traffic you can see where it is coming from by clicking the “referrers” link next to any story. This will take you to a new page that details the traffic sources and how many views came from each one.

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