Effective as of November 8th, 2021

By using this feature to import any email addresses (the “Email Import”), you represent and agree that:

  • You have collected all email addresses that you will import through the Email Import in accordance with all applicable local, state, provincial, national, international, and other applicable…

Effective as of August 11, 2021.

These terms (the “Partner Program Terms”) govern A Medium Corporation’s (“Medium”) partner program (“Partner Program”). If you apply, meet the eligibility criteria, and are accepted into Medium’s Partner Program, you can put a story from your user account behind Medium’s paywall (“locking” a story)…

Effective: September 1, 2020

You can see our previous Privacy Policy here.

This Privacy Policy explains how A Medium Corporation (Medium,” we,” or us) collects, uses, and discloses information about you. This Privacy Policy applies when you use our websites, mobile applications, and other online products and services that link to this Privacy Policy…

**Edit 8/19/20: We have updated the language in the terms for more clarification. You can read more here:

You may have noticed a banner across all of Medium notifying you of our upcoming new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. …


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