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A Guide to Choosing, Planning, and Achieving Personal Goals

Learn how to identify meaningful goals, create a plan of attack, and bolster motivation

4. PLAN - Consider using the SMART Goals framework. “Before the crab rangoons, my goal had been simple: get better. But what does that mean? Was it being able to talk normally? Was it being able to walk into a room without someone asking what happened to my face? It was too vague and monolithic of a goal. Eating a rangoon was a simple goal. I knew what was required.”
8. MOTIVATION - Prepare to feel uncomfortable. Consistency isn’t very exciting, and both your mind and body will resist. “I had created a habit of having these Moments of Discomfort, or what I now call MODs, and had allowed the emotional, psychological, and physical discomfort they put on my body to allow them to shape my action.”
13. REFLECT - Could pursuing a goal provide you with something other than a sense of achievement? “To me, goal setting is one of the most important steps to staying active and engaged in life. If I don’t have a personal goal, I feel bored or overwhelmed by other people’s demands.”