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Productivity 101

Overwhelmed by the amount of productivity advice on Medium? Start here! Learn how to beat procrastination, cultivate willpower, practice purposeful productivity, and more.

"Recovery is organizing the rest of your life to ensure you perform at your highest level. In other words, what Michael Phelps did while he wasn’t swimming was the reason he was so good at swimming. What LeBron James does while he isn’t playing basketball is why he’s so good at basketball." Benjamin Hardy, PhD, Organizational Psychologist, Author
"When we don’t make any meaningful progress, we feel like crap. We know we’ve wasted precious time and it can demotivate us from doing better. It becomes a negative downward cycle. And before you know it, you feel like you’re wasting all your time. How can you break that cycle? How can you get back into a productive flow?" Darius Foroux, Author
"When done right, an end-of-the-workday routine can help you to leave work at work, stop worrying about all of the things left to-do, and set you up to start getting things done right away in the morning." Becky Kane, Content Marketer