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Jan 18

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What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is the OpenAI conversational chatbot that everyone is talking about. In this list, writers, programmers, poets, and journalists explore the power, potential, and problems of the AI chatbot.

2. Google’s Chief Decision Scientist Cassie Kozyrkoc provides a deeper understanding of ChatGPTs abilities and limitations. “To be a liar, you must know the truth and intend to mislead. ChatGPT is indifferent to the truth.”
9. Schaefer’s inspiring interview with tech analyst Shelly Palmer considers the impact ChatGPT will have on marketing, jobs, and creativity. “I think ChatGPT will empower people who have great ideas, terrible ideas, people with ideas but no skills other than their imagination. And I gotta tell you, unlocking the imagination of every person? I just think that’s awesome.”