February: Love Stories

Love is confusing. One minute you’re sure it’s really-real, and every tired pop song feels like a fresh drop of wisdom, created just for you. The next, you’re hunched over a tiny bubble of text wishing you could literally pop it with your fingers. Good love was always hard to find (just ask Tom Petty) but it seems distinctly harder now. It’s always a few pixels away, hidden behind soft-focus filters and animated hearts.

Art by Marylou Faure.

This month, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re featuring our favorite stories about love. Falling in, falling out, falling in between. How do we find it, how can we sustain it, and what happens when we lose it? For the next four weekends, we’ll share a new collection of love stories:

  • Swiping out On dating — the good, the bad, the cringe-worthy.
  • Alt love Notes on non-traditional relationships.
  • Pillow talk Stories about sex and other elephants in the (bed)room.
  • Bad romance On heartbreak, (un)happy endings, and moving on.

We’ll unveil a new collection each Friday on our homepage. Have a story that fits this month’s theme? Drop us a line at tips@medium.com.

This is the first in a series of monthly themes — we’ll feature a new topic in March.