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"Following the go to school -> go to college -> work hard -> get ahead -> buy a home -> retire-in-comfort path is as foreign and bygone to them as the farm-the-land-with-your-dad-until-he-dies-and-you-inherit-it path is to a Boomer."
"What came up several times, was the need for regulation. Both sides of the conversation seemed to agree on that, but not necessarily in the same way. While the judiciary committee seemed to adopt a nationalistic, patriotic view where the United States of America had to lead and establish the global rules and standard for AI development, Sam had a somewhat different view on it."
"Reconsider the — 'I’m going to write a story about this…' because the largeness of your ambition can blight the story, get you stuck, box you in. Because a story always starts one way and ends differently. A story is never about one thing and often it never is what you intended it to be..."
"You can’t speak truth to power if you’re afraid you’re going to get fired. This is an important thing for people in positions of influence and power to understand — in the conversations that we are having together about race and anti-racism, some of us are having to be extremely guarded in how we speak."