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It doesn’t matter how 'intelligent' it is — it can’t get to meaning if all it has access to is form. But also: it’s not 'intelligent.' Our only evidence for its 'intelligence' is the apparent coherence of its output. But we’re the ones doing all the meaning making there, as we make sense of it.
"Following the go to school -> go to college -> work hard -> get ahead -> buy a home -> retire-in-comfort path is as foreign and bygone to them as the farm-the-land-with-your-dad-until-he-dies-and-you-inherit-it path is to a Boomer."
"When discussing team organization, I am often asked: 'Why don’t you have the tech lead manage the team?' My response is to hiss like a vampire exposed to holy water. When the follow-up question is: 'Given you want managers on your teams, can the manager still perform code reviews?' I burst into flames."
"What came up several times, was the need for regulation. Both sides of the conversation seemed to agree on that, but not necessarily in the same way. While the judiciary committee seemed to adopt a nationalistic, patriotic view where the United States of America had to lead and establish the global rules and standard for AI development, Sam had a somewhat different view on it."