March: Women’s Stories

Behind every pantsuit and pink hat, every #girlboss meme and Lean In line-drop, are real people defining womanhood for themselves every day. And we’re not the first. From Coretta to Malala to the marchers of tomorrow, history is shaped by those who break open the word “feminist” and put it back together again.

All illustrations by Amber Vittoria

This month, we’re featuring stories about women: past, present, and future. Over the next four weekends, we’ll share a new collection of stories:

  • Pioneer women: Hidden (and not so hidden) figures in women’s history.
  • Body talk: On women’s health — reproductive and otherwise.
  • Women’s work: Leaning in, out, and sideways.
  • Feminism 2.0: On intersectionality and the future of feminism.

We’ll unveil a new collection each Friday on our homepage. Have a story that fits this month’s theme? Drop us a line at

This is the second in a series of monthly themes — read our Love collections here.

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