Thursday, July 8

What We’re Reading Today: Thursday

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“It’s not surprising that college athletes would attempt to copy the pros when it comes to these personal symbols. After all, businesses of all sorts mimic one another’s logos all the time. More interesting are the marks that try something different.” — James I. Bowie

“Divorced parenting is exactly like a shell collection scotch-taped to a piece of paper towel. You’re working with what you’ve got, under tight time limitations, and everything is just barely held together by big, sticky, visible strips of love.” — Charlotte Bismuth

“CSS art has been a thing since the creation of CSS itself. It is a great way of practicing and learning and it makes for an interesting coding challenge. But it has a big problem: CSS art is inherently not accessible.” — Alvaro Montoro

“Thinking of writing as music is like going to a concert in a concert hall that has been built for acoustics rather than listening to it in your headphones. It enriches, it amplifies. It can become a siren song to lure or an ambush to entrap.” — Danielle Loewen

“…if what you show your brain is inspirational, funny, optimistic, joyful, or otherwise positive, your reality will be pushed in those directions.” — Markham Heid

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