Tuesday, July 6

What We’re Reading Today: Tuesday

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“There needs to be a better method in place for these testing protocols. We all want a clean sport and we are all more than happy to take the tests to show that. However, I think USADA could stand to show a bit of reasonable understanding to the fact that, as Sha’Carri has said, we are human.” — Tori Franklin

“Showing respect visibly requires you to “watch the clock” — and I mean that literally. This may seem overly tactical to some people, but I find that when people don’t respect others’ time in meetings by phone, video or face to face, it’s just as bad as not valuing you at all.” — Erica Dhawan

“But each photo, in its own way, provides a brief but captivating glimpse of a bird’s character and tells a story about our wonderful avian friends in all their variety and individuality.” — Jack Shepherd

“The future will not be written in the digital language of ones and zeroes, but in that of atoms, molecules, genes, and proteins. We do not lack potential or possibility, what we need is more imagination and wonder.” — Greg Satell

A new analysis by the Associated Press shows that 99 percent of new Covid-related hospitalizations and deaths are among people who are not fully vaccinated. This is why it is so important that every community vaccinates their population as soon as possible.” — Dr. Tom Frieden

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