Wednesday, July 14

What We’re Reading Today: Wednesday

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“The truth is, there’s not an overwhelming reason to continue sending ‘manned’ vehicles into outer space at this juncture in human history. Scientists have figured out more efficient methods with probes, satellites, and rovers. Sending people into space takes huge amounts of resources. Colonizing planets? It’s a century away. At the current rate, we’re not going to last long enough to make that happen.” — Jessica Wildfire

“Оften the fаviсоn is just а sсаled dоwn versiоn оf а website’s lоgо. It shоuld lооk gооd аt very smаll sizes — аs smаll аs 16 by 16 рixels — this mаy leаd yоu tо сreаte а different design fоr yоur fаviсоn.” — Kuldeep Patel

“How you speak to your boss, I’m sure, differs from how you speak to your siblings or your parents or a friend who has known you for many years. Maybe you adjust your cadence, your grammar or your tone. Part of public speaking is gauging group dynamics, knowing your audience and adjusting the way you present yourself accordingly.” — Laquesha Bailey

“So how do we make exercise so simple that we have no excuse to skip it? We make it short and we make it easy. And we do movements that have a big bang for their buck.” — Ashley Richmond

“I realised that we can break down pretty much any activity that we carry out on a day to day basis into one of four categories. By then identifying and then recording the type activity that I was doing, I was able to reflect on how I was spending my time and consider how I could use that time more efficiently in future.” — Linda Guest

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