Wednesday, July 7

What We’re Reading Today: Wednesday

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“With COVID forcing people around the world to rethink their relationship to work and a growing body of evidence showing its benefits, the stage is set to launch a movement for a four-day workweek here in the United States. — Justin Ward

“…there’s something more deeply strange about watching someone try to create social media content. There’s even a kind of sadness to it, in part due to the performances themselves, at this point usually tremendously banal. Whether or not they ultimately garner attention, they are by and large devoid of originality.” — Colin Horgan

“Every ‘what if’ adds to the rush of panic. I don’t have control over them rampaging through my mind. What I do have control over, however, is a quick defusing response: ‘So what?!’” — Yvonne Vávra

“In the Northern and Southern Lights spectacle, magnetic reconnection changes stored energy from the magnetosphere into heat and kinetic energy. This forces the solar particles to run along Earth’s field lines, accelerating towards the poles. As the particles travel in Earth’s atmosphere, they come into contact with various atoms and molecules. The energy from such collisions manifests as an explosion of light!” — Catherine Rasgaitis

“In LA if you say you’re stressed out, people will look at you with pity, then bombard you with all the things they do to stay absolutely utterly chill. In New York, if you don’t say you possess at least a low level of anxiety, people think you’re repressing your feelings.” — Eliza VanCort

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