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In 2017, Medium launched the Partner Program to further our mission of rewarding quality ideas by helping writers monetize their work. Since the program’s inception, participants have collectively earned more than $28 million. Now we’re giving writers more ways to earn money as they grow their Medium following.

Today, we’re announcing an evolution of the Partner Program that more directly ties writers’ earnings to the audiences they build. Earnings based on member read time will remain the same, but we are adding an additional revenue stream that gives writers more control over their earnings, while continuing to provide opportunities to…

Medium has two important jobs: connect readers with the stories and writers they care most about, and help writers find and grow their audience. It’s in that spirit that we’ve moved towards a more relational Medium: re-orienting the app around following, prioritizing writer discovery, and launching email subscriptions, which let writers send Medium story notifications to their readers’ inbox and build an audience list of readers who have agreed to receive emails off-platform.

Based on writer feedback, we’re making some important updates to email subscriptions that make it even easier to build a lasting, direct relationship with your most loyal…

The relationship between readers and writers is at the heart of Medium. With that in mind, we want to ensure that your follower and following counts only reflect quality users. As part of our ongoing work to provide the best possible user experience, we’ll be removing spam accounts from your follower and following counts across Medium starting today.

What Does This Mean For Writers and Publications?

You may see a change in your follower and following counts. However you’ll gain a more accurate sense of your audience size now that follower counts only contain authentic, quality users. …

What just happened?

It’s hard to say for sure. There are the obvious things. The ways our world, and our lives, changed — probably forever. Hundreds of moments watching our colleagues freeze up on video chat. Then, awkwardly trying to tell them, “You’re frozen.” That’s just the beginning.

People have always turned to Medium to better understand the world and each other, and this year was the ultimate testament to that. We came here to figure out exactly… what’s going on. To connect with writers who informed, enlightened, challenged, and moved us. To tell our stories. To feel less alone…

There are millions of stories told on Medium; thousands are published every day. Whenever you visit our homepage, launch our apps, or open an email digest, our system pores over these stories and recommends the best ones for you to read. Most of our recommendations are personalized, taking into account your reading history and over a hundred other attributes including the writers, publications, and topics you follow. But no algorithm is perfect, and sometimes we surface content you aren’t interested in.

Today, we’re giving you more agency over content you see on Medium with Mute. Akin to how you can…

Illustration: mecaleha/Getty Images

Over the last month, we’ve looked into why stories are not curated in order to highlight the most common, easy-to-fix issues. You can read about what we found and our tips to help improve the quality of your writing. Make sure to check for these common problems before publishing.

You can grow your readership on Medium by having your stories curated into topics, which powers distribution through recommendations. We’ve noticed some questions coming up often about distribution, growing readership, and curation. There’s lots we can share here, and as a start, we updated the frequently asked questions around distribution.

Introducing Medium Writers Team


Writers come in many forms.

Shaunta Grimes has been one for a long time. She has a Master’s in writing fiction, is a published author, and runs the Every Day Novelist publication on Medium. Her third novel, The Astonishing Maybe, was published by Penguin Random House in March.

There is also Shannon Ashley, who began writing independently only a year ago, when she quickly went from writing social media posts for companies to publishing popular stories on Medium about the topics that interest her: sex, family, and mental health.

Both women work full time as writers and support their families…

This week, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on the future of net neutrality. Whether you’ve been following the political back and forth, skimming the headlines, or struggling to decode acronyms, the decision will have an impact on what we can do online (and who can afford to do it). Because the internet has effectively been free and open since the day it was born, it’s easy to lose sight of the impact this vote will have.

The reality is, the internet is a fragile thing. Open, crazy, weird spaces where people swap stories and secrets, create rad digital art…

Even photos can’t capture the essence of some things — like a total solar eclipse or the swoop of Donald Trump’s bangs. For those things, we have cartoons. Images that, in just a few hand-drawn lines, can interrogate political movements and the way we live our lives. For Liza Donnelly, cartoons are a way to establish common ground, even if it’s just through a shared eyeroll. “I don’t really think a cartoon can change someone’s mind,” she says, “but it can start a dialogue.”

Huddled over an iPad in her New York City apartment, Liza draws the news in…

It started with a Venn diagram. Sarah Cooper was sitting in a meeting at Yahoo. It was her first job in tech. Adults varied the cadence of their nods and encouraged each other to “take a step back.” During a lull in the conversation, a brave product manager walked to the whiteboard and drew two imperfect, intersecting circles: the universal symbol for I’ve Got A Brilliant Idea.

What was on the inside didn’t matter — everyone started arguing over the diagram anyway, debating its labels and the size of its circles. …

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