I Fell in Love with a Song

“This is my song right here.”

“Wait, hold on. Quiet!…Oh no, this is my jam.”

Every minute of every day, all over the planet, that feeling happens. That gut punch when you hear your song.

But how did it get there?

Let’s see. A girl sits in her bedroom with an acoustic guitar, staring at the wall, and writes a song. Or a band toils in dirty, sticky rehearsal space for endless hours, eventually birthing into being a new musical masterpiece.

The song is recorded, and sent out into the world. It gets played, passed around, and performed. It hits countless earholes. Some love it, some find it pleasant and passable, some despise it.

But then, somehow, somewhere, in a completely unpredictable and magical moment, the song finds a willing host, and burrows deep into the soul, forming an eternal and unbreakable bond between art and audience.

Tell us how that happened to you.

Hit the button that says “Write a response” at the bottom of this page, and tell us about that song.

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