MY MEDLEY ACADEMY EXPERIENCE — “I am now prepared to put in the work I need in order to make my own dreams 4D”

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Kirsty Rennie @exchangingwords
Student contributor.

Medley Academy Manchester. Their mission is to work with education givers to help people develop their skills but also create opportunities within the digital and social media world. Don’t be fooled by the youth that run the place. Ewan Killeen, Alex Mellor and Ashley Jones are all more than equipped to mentor those who might want a career change or to give a better sense of direction to those who already have their hearts set on becoming a more digitally integrated part of this technology driven age. I could now go on to explain a bit more about their involvement with a previous and very successful venture, Social Chain, but…just Google them. You’ll get the point.

The run up to the session was one that left me excited and intrigued, as I’m sure it did the rest of the attendees. Ewan personally contacted anyone who selected the attending option from the Facebook event to find out a little bit about them before arriving. This was such a vital touch, so we weren’t going to be turning up to an unsocial social media event. I was a little concerned my age would be a downfall for me, but being able to talk directly with Ewan and ask about this put my mind at ease. It also meant that the members of Medley knew who to expect. It is so crucial to them that they know the reasons people may be attending and what they want to take from this and further sessions. It was already being proven to us how important and impactful social media is. Regular, but not intruding, emails were sent to remind us of the date, what to bring and the what the layout of the day was.

From the moment I walked in the room and received a friendly handshake, with that all important eye contact, from Ewan, I realised how at ease I was with being in this kind of environment. The other founding members, Alex and Ash, glowed with pride, strength and self growth. Along with their inspirational stories of dropouts and determination, it was also their interaction with the rest of us that played a particularly large role in convincing us how you can get far by simply asserting yourself. I myself have dropped out of college twice and university 6 months into my course. I left the Boot Camp no longer dwelling on this fact. If you were to learn anything from attending this day, let it be that you should never ever let your educational past allow you to believe you are not good enough. Believe in YOURSELF. I took a lot away from this first boot camp and I am now prepared to put in the work I need in order to make my own dreams 4D.

Other speakers included Social Chain members Marcello Fabiano, Steve Bartlett and Dominic McGregor. Each have their own success story and if I was to choose a group of people to network with, it would be this lot. Something I have been trying to argue with a lot of people recently is that you do not always need a University degree to find a job that makes you happy. Of course, it depends on what that job may be. Please don’t apply for a surgeon’s position stating ‘I would be perfect for this job because I like to get stuck in’. My problem has always been my low self esteem. Not believing in my own talents and skills. I always wanted to write and it has always been a dream of mine to be paid to do exactly that. The problem is so many people are quick to tell me ‘but that isn’t realistic and no one will hire you without qualifications and experience.’ My new response to them is ‘Try telling that to the lads at Medley Academy, because they actually know what they’re talking about.’

You can stalk the Medley Academy here and Social Chain here .

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