Wash, Rinse, Repeat — Planning my days and weeks

Man, this whole creating some daily “systems” kick i’ve been on is tough.

But I’m getting there I think. Every couple of days I get a little more organized and a little more structured about how I want my day to go so that it aligns with whatever my current goals are. A practice in efficiency I suppose.

In corporate world, my days were basically planned for me. Which was fine, it didn’t take much thought to figure out, that’s for sure. Now that I live in the free-world it’s been an adjustment to maintain some structure. On the plus side, it’s on my terms and I get to factor thing like the gym, and lunch with friends into my days.

Obviously this is not some monumental task, what I’m talking about here is planning my day. I’m sure almost everyone does it. But, I also include all my daily or repeating tasks, like working out to meditating in the scheduling.

And, I think this goes without saying, but the hardest part is not the planning, its following the schedule, every damn day.

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