New to Cisco, Where to Start Learning on Product Line?

If you are new to Cisco, how will you study those large product family?

Router? Yes, there are 1900, 2900, 3900, 4000, etc.

Switch? Oh, there are Catalyst 2960, 3650, 3850, etc.

As a new guy, Go to the Cisco Live!

Cisco Live is Cisco’s annual Technology expo & training convention.

All of these presentations are available for free here: — Many with video presentations of the lectures.

Here shares you the best of Cisco Live. All of them are PDF, you can download.

The Best of Cisco Live

BRKARC-3001 — Cisco Integrated Services Router G2 — Architectural Overview and Use Cases (2013)

BRKARC-3001 — Cisco Integrated Services Router — Architectural Overview and Use Cases (2016)

BRKARC-2001 — Cisco ASR1000 Series Routers: System & Solution Architectures (2016)

BRKCRS-3147 — Advanced Troubleshooting of the ASR1K and ISR (IOS-XE) made easy (2016)

BRKARC-1009 — Cisco Catalyst 2960-X Series Switching Architecture (2016)

BRKARC-3438 — Cisco Catalyst 3850 and 3650 Series Switching Architecture (2016

BRKCRS-3146 — Troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst 3650 / 3850 Series Switches (2016)

BRKARC-3445 — Cisco Catalyst 4500E Switch Architecture (2016)

BRKCRS-3142 — Troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switches (2015)

BRKARC-3465 — Cisco Catalyst 6800 Switch Architectures (2016)

BRKCRS-3143 — Troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst 6500 / 6800 Series Switches (2015)

BRKARC-2222 — Cisco Nexus 9000 Architecture (2015)

BRKDCT-3101 — Nexus 9000 (Standalone) Architecture Brief and Troubleshooting (2016)

BRKCRS-1500 — Wired LAN Deployment Using the Cisco Validated Design for Campus (2016)

BRKCRS-2031 — Enterprise Campus Design: Multilayer Architectures and Design Principles (2016)

BRKCRS-2501 — Campus QoS Design-Simplified (2016)

Cisco Design Zone: Cisco Validated Designs for Campus Networks

Cisco Design Zone: Cisco Validated Designs for Branch Office Networks

BRKDCT-2218 — Data Center Design for the Midsize Enterprise (2016)

BRKSAN-2449 — Storage Area Network Extension Design and Operation (2015)

BRKSAN-2883 — Advanced Storage Area Network Design (2016)


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