What I felt when I discovered Twitter’s latest updates

I left twitter for like…a year. I personally didn’t see the value in it.

It was totally personal.

I fell off the Twitter wagon for a long time. Snapchat caught my attention at the perfect time when too many people were creeping on Facebook, blab went blah, Periscope turned into Facebook Live and Instagram got…really boring. I started to fall back into the arms of Twitter a couple of months ago because it was fast, fun, and I could have good conversations (and WATCH NFL GAMES LIVE??). It was all of the reasons I loved Twitter before. I also tend to have ebbs and flows with my social. I don’t want to, nor do I try to do it all. Some things appeal to me at some times, and other get swept under the rug until I fall in love again.

All of this is old news, but just coming back to Twitter personally, is like working really hard, getting tired of things, and then just going on a vacation to Hawaii* — when you come back, everything is refreshed, new, and feels different.

That’s how I felt coming back to Twitter. It feels refreshed, and new, and different in the best ways (even though, I know, get with the times, Mila, this happened months ago, you are late to the par-tay).

I was surprised at a lot. I was using Twitter for work, but I guess I was a bit robotic about it’s use. I was always used to just fitting everything perfectly into 140 characters, no matter what it took.

But then I noticed:

  • More Multimedia: Writing a new tweet, or replying? No worries! Photos and GIFS don’t count toward the 140 character limit. HALLELUJAH!!
  • Retweet freely: When adding a comment to a retweet, you’ll have the full 140 to add your thoughts. YASSSSSS.
  • Want it to go down in the DMs?: Reply to a tweet and add the DM Prompt. Take it private and it will not count toward your 140. HOORAY!

Honestly, I love all of this stuff because I’m lazy. Counting characters for this stuff was like counting calories — it’s really good for you, and you should do it, but you’re exasperated by it, and you probably just don’t want to.

What I’m really waiting for is that Twitter 10K. I have some novels waiting in the wings.

Until that happens, at least my 140 goes a little further.

*I have no earthly idea what a vacation to Hawaii is like, but I imagine it feels this way.

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