I’m sad to announce that Lima is closing its doors.

Despite tremendous efforts from the team to avoid this, we had some funding problems that we couldn’t recover from. As you know, we’re a startup — and that happens in startup life.

We’ve built Lima to help people manage their files more easily & without compromising on their privacy. It’s been an incredible adventure from day #1, with more than 60 people joining the team along the years.

We fought to build a tech that was good to our users, with no compromises. 80k+ users around the world were using our Personal Cloud products. 80k+ people trusting us to protect their most precious memories. …

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My name is Jean, I am 50 yo, I am a consultant in the computing industry. I heard about Lima Ultra while listening to a radio interview and I immediately wanted to try it!

I use it mainly to travel with my music and photos

I have 250 GO of music available, 100GO of movies, and as much of photos. I love that I have them with me all the time. It’s so convenient!

I never used Cloud services

I never needed it. I used to store my data on site on my PC and I never needed to store it somewhere else. I used to open a port on my PC which made my files accessible anywhere. …

Protecting your privacy has never been so important. Problem is: we never know where to start. It seems so complicated! Hopefully, there are a few easy things you can do to protect your data efficiently.

Add HTTPS Everywhere

A simple way to improve security in your web browser is to add the HTTPS Everywhere extension.This way, your connections will be encrypted anytime you connect to a website that supports https, making the browsing more secure.

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Use a Password Manager

To avoid forgetting your passwords or use the same everywhere (ver very not secure), use a password manager that would remember it all for you. Our two favorites (and ranked most secured ones in 2017) are Lastpass and Dashlane. They will make your life SO easy with the password generation feature (it creates complex passwords out of letters, numbers, and special characters for you), the autofill and auto-login feature, the secure sharing, the two-factor authentication, and the protection for other personal data (bank account number, addresses ...) …

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All year long, we are waiting for the summer season. We can’t wait for the sun to shine, the beach to warm up, the barbecue to grill, and for gathering with friends and family. Wanna make Summer last forever? Here is how to do so with Lima!

Each photo taken is automatically saved on Lima

Oops, smartphone fell in the pool … sounds familiar? With Lima, that’s no problem. Its automatic upload stores your pictures and videos safely at home almost instantly! All you need is an Internet connection (Wifi, 3/4G) for your memories to be safely stored in another device. …

Die Voreinstellung deines Routers bzw. Internet Anbieters kann verhindern, dass Lima eine Direktverbindung zu deinen Geräten aufbauen kann und würde so die Zugriffs- und Übertragungsgeschwindigkeit bremsen. Falls im Lima-Status “Verbunden über Relais” angezeigt wird, (Lima-Statusfenster auf dem PC — Windows/Mac) empfehlen wir, die automatische Port-Freigabe (UPnP, NAT) zu aktivieren oder den Port 25211 manuell freizugeben.

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Dazu findest du hier eine kurze Anleitung für die Konfiguration der Fritz!Box (AVM), des Speedport-Routers (Telekom-Router) und des Swisscom-Routers. Solltest du einen anderen Router besitzen, empfehlen wir dir die entsprechende Anleitung des Router-Herstellers zu befolgen. …

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Having free space on your smartphone is a (big) problem. We take thousands of pictures and videos a week: at some point there is nothing more you can do other than transferring your photos (annoying and time consuming) or deleting some of them so you can keep up with your creative rhythm.

No existing apps really solved this problem yet.

Take Dropbox: it will store your photos or upload them automatically from your smartphone, but the biggest hassle is that it’s using your local memory to do so.

“It takes up space on each computer hard drive. This can create problems if your hard drive doesn’t have enough available space to sync everything in your Dropbox folder.” …

Losing data is one of the worst nightmare. We know! And it doesn’t take much to happen. Here is a hint on the best practices to manage data the best way possible.

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Keep 3 copies of your data

At least. You should have the original files along with two copies of those files.

Use 2 different storage devices to backup your data

If you keep two copies of your data on the same storage device, you’ll lose everything at once if something happens to this device. For example, if you store your photos on your laptop, get an external hard drive to store a copy of your precious photos. It could be a Cloud storage as well: your photos will then be stored on a server. …

Father’s day is around the corner and there is no better moment to collect our love for awesome dads. But wait … are you one of them? Are you a cool dad? If you’re checking the top 3 skills below, we think you’re good 👏🏼😉

You are organized 👈🏼

Cool dads are very organized dads. That well organized that they don’t even think about being organized. It’s natural, it’s easy, and it makes life around them so much easier. Time is well managed, because everything is at its place. Cool dads organize life around them the way they organize their tool boxes: there is a spot for everything. …

Is #iphoneography one of your favorite Instagram tag? Here are our favorites apps when it comes to master the art of shooting life and adventure with your smarpthone.


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Have you ever walked through a place and thought: “It’s too bad the Moon isn’t RIGHT there… would have made a great photo!”? Well, now you can just let your imagination fly and calculate when this specific magic moment happens in just a few seconds! With this app, you decide where you want the sun, or the moon then you calculate the exact date and time it happens. That’s it! …

The new iOS app 1.4.2 is out! It is now easier to organize your content and make the most out of it.

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What you can do

  • You can create a new folder in two clicks
  • You can add pictures and videos directly from your smartphone’s gallery directly into a specific folder
  • You can add files directly from iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive into a specific folder

Another feature is the ability to manage the cache directly from your desktop settings.

You can change at any time the maximum cache size from the Advanced Settings of your Lima application. It determines how much local storage Lima can use for its smart cache on the device. Click here to follow the steps and start managing your cache on your iOS device.


Access your files from all your devices. Keep those files safe at home. Just the way it should be.

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