5 mistakes that are damaging your relationship

Relationships are based on trust, respect, friendship and obviously the key ingredient- love. But even with these, not every relationship works. That is because some simple but harmful mistakes people do. These mistakes take a toll on their relationship and often end the beautiful journey. Today I’m bringing 5 of these mistakes and suggestions to overcome those to make your relationship last long. These tips come from experienced couples who’ve managed to maintain a healthy and lovely relationship even at their 90's.


1. Not expressing your feelings
This is the most common mistake people do once they get committed. Whether you’re together for a month or 10 years, reminding the other about how you feel about them is always a good thing. Even a simple ‘good night’ or ‘I miss you’ text can bring immense joy to your better half. Always remember, love can be seen in the small things and gestures.

2. Expecting the other one to take the first step
It’s not necessary for the other one to break the ice, right? Being the first one taking attempt to solve a feud is something that is always appreciated. And it is one good way to show that you care about your partner more than your ego. A Little bit of compromise, a little bit of sacrifice- this is what makes a relationship last a long run.

3. Not having your problems sorted out
Studies show that 76% of the couples who’ve succeeded in having a long term relationship has never ended their day with problems between themselves. Whatever the situation may be, they always try to talk themselves out of their problems before going to bed.


4. Lack of personal space 
No matter how deep you’re in love, at the end of the day, you are two individuals leading two separate lives. Couples who don’t have their individual space often end up parting ways. Always interfering in one another’s life can be irritating and leads to quarrels. Let everyone deal with their problems themselves. Trust your significant other to share their problems when they’re ready. Forcing them to tell every detail might not be a good idea.

5. Thinking yourself not worthy of love and respect
Putting others before yourself is something that destroys you as a person, consequently damaging your relationship. Love yourself before you can love others. We often make this mistake of sacrificing our happiness for the sake of others. But we can’t make others happy by keeping ourselves constantly unhappy. Not respecting yourself can lead to unhealthy relationships. So find the limits of sacrifice.

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