Event Check-In Integration with Apple Wallet

It’s true, far too common is a woman mocked for the contents of her purse and wallet.

Credit cards, bank cards, debit cards, checks, cash, store reward cards, driver’s license, health insurance cards, military or school ID, etc.

For event professionals and event attendees, the list can become even greater: boarding passes, business cards, cameras, note taking materials, agendas, meal tickets, lead tracking devices — well you get the hint.

One of the many reasons event professionals love MeetingPlay’s mobile event app is the fact that we can help minimalize the need for bulky paper agendas, lead tracking devices, attendee tracking devices, and more. MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps take what was once a multitude of devices, items and non-communicating services and combine them into one single solution — that fits in the palm of both the event professional’s hands, and the event attendees — a mobile event app.

Yet the multitude of simplicities that MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps bring to the event app world has become even better with the inclusion of Apple Wallet within our event app.

Read on: http://pr.theeventblog.com/AGg4

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