New version of Meetizer for iOS [3.4] and Android [3.3.1]

Edit your meetups and your profile details

During the past weeks we have been working so hard to bring all the feedback you sent us to the app (thank you guys!) and we are happy to introduce a new and powerful version of Meetizer. Our mission is to improve everyday and make the best product release after release, so you and all the travelers and expats around can enjoy the best social experience.

Let me introduce you to all the new features you’ll find in this new version so you can take the most out of them :)

1.We introduce “Bio”, the best way to tell something interesting about you so other users can learn more about who you are and vice versa. Take the most out of the 140 characters of your new bio to tell who you are, from where, what’s your work or what makes you enjoy during your spare time. It’s important to think about what do you want to tell about yourself, since all the other users will see this short description. Just be honest and kind! :-)

2. Edit your meetups. This is one of the top features you requested on your feedback and emails and here it is! It’s fully available now in the new versions. Do you want to change some details of your casual event? Now you can edit your published meetups, from the date or the place to the picture of the meetup. That’s great if there’s some last-minute issue with your meetup and you want to modify some details. Now you’ll be able to do it by yourself. By the way, we recommend you to inform all the other attendees over the chat of the meetup so all the people involved get notified about your changes :)

It’s important to mention here that you will be able to change the details of your future meetups, but not the ones which already happened in the past.

Moreover, you will be able to also delete your meetups if you need to. If so, all the attendees will get an automatic notification telling that the meetup has been cancelled. Anyway, we encourage you to think twice about deleting your meetups, since this will affect all the attendees who already joined your meetup.

4. Edit your account info: Now you can change your profile and cover pictures and also your country of origin, so the flag near your pic reflects your nationality.

Do you like what you’ve just read? So update now to the latest version iOS [3.4] and Android [3.3.1] to enjoy the new features.

And as always, we read every review and piece of feedback to make the app better for you. If you have any doubt or comment, shoot us an email to

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