Top Things to Do and Best Places to Visit in Minsk : not Cheesy & Fun

Tired of searching for something interesting and unusual about Minsk on Google and Tripadvisor? Oftentimes this search is never-ending, leaving you completely confused and undecided. MeetnGreetMe is bringing you a list of top things to do and top places to visit in Minsk. Not cheesy. 100% fun. Only the best picks for you from locals and travelers.

So let’s start!

Visit Oktyabrskaya street

Looking for a place to take colourful photos, attend a lively festival, enjoy stunning street art and see the largest graffiti in the world? Visit Oktyabrskaya street! It’s particularly popular with youngsters, hipsters, freaks and hip hop lovers.

Make sure you explore this old factory Minsk district and take selfies with all graffiti found here! And don’t miss your chance to grab a finger-licking hot chocolate and handmade sandwich at Lauka.

Enjoy best views from BarDOTXX1

Number 2 we will give to BarDOTXX1, a modern and elegant cocktail bar located on the 21st floor in the most picturesque area in Minsk.

You will get here not only the best panoramic view in the city, but also the hottest parties and liveliest community to hang out with. Check it out!

Enjoy spectacular performances in the circus

Our third place would go to… circus! Why? Well, first of all, it’s one of the rare permanent circuses in the whole world. A monumental building with a large arena and fantastic special effects.

What’s more, the artists working at the Belarusian State Circus are renowned worldwide having received a large number of international awards! Definitely worth a visit! Especially when you are with children or a heart open to miracles.

Party hard and go barhopping on Zybitskaya street

If you are a party animal and enjoy going on pub crawls, dropping in at lively parties and barhopping, Zybitskaya street is for you. One of the most vibrant walking streets in Minsk lined with all sorts of bars and pubs, each famous for their own drinks, food, interior, and the feel.

Go to Banki Butylki for a generous selection of Belarusian fruit and berry liqueurs, DIY for excellent hookahs DJ sets, Malt & Hops for elaborate collection of beer and whiskey, Chapski Bar for craft beer and 4–4–2 for the authentic rock-n-roll atmosphere. In fact, if you are looking for a comprehensive alcovoyage, check out all bars you can find around!

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