Top Things to Do in Winter 2017 During 5-day Visit to Belarus

Finally, Belarus has become visa-free for travelers from 80 countries who visit Belarus via Minsk National Airport and stay in the country for up to five days. We will tell you what to do and see in Belarus during these five days to explore and experience the real Belarus!

We have already covered the best places where to stay and where to eat in Minsk, so now we shall explore the country outside the capital city of Belarus.

The itinerary includes the most popular local attractions and places to visit. Here are top things to do in winter in Belarus brought just for you.

Day 1

As soon as your flight to Minsk has landed in Minsk National Airport you have 5 days and yet lots of energy to see the major local attractions.

That’s why it’s high time to head for Raubichi, Silichi or Stayki for exercising after a flight and using your energy. These are three major sports complexes near Minsk where you will not get bored either in winter or in summer.

Winter sports complexes near Minsk

Raubichi (“Раубичи”) is a great place to visit in winter.

It is the Republican center of Olympic training in winter sports, so if you are an amateur of biathlon, freestyle and other winter sports — you are in the right place! They have four independent biathlon circles: 1.5 km, 2.0 km, 2.5 km and 3.0 km for the most enduring athletes. There is a shooting zone and a roofed shooting gallery to practice and improve shooting skills. Or go to Raubichi freestyle complex with a modern acrobatic freestyle slope and after that head off to a covered training ice rink with an IIHF standard hockey arena and sports grounds. Raubichi offers accommodation in one of three hotels and a few guest houses, a conference hall, sauna, bath-house and, a few restaurants and cafes on the territory of the sports complex. At your disposal you will have a gym, a fitness room, a football pitch and a tennis court, a basketball ground and a covered ice rink, a roller-skating track for biathlon and skiing, etc.

Prices: for prices for accommodation, sports complex and equipment check the official website.

Another great sports complex is called Silichi (“Силичи”). Located not far from Lahoysk some 40 minutes from Minsk, it offers more fun things to do in winter for non-professional sportsmen and those who just want to have fun in nature. They offer so many things to do that they can be divided in summer and winter activities. In Silichi in winter you can access 9 ski slopes for newbies and pros with artificial snow when it’s above-zero temperature, you can take skis and sports clothing for rent, or choose ice skating rink with skate rental. After that have fun on tubing and ride on a snowmobile on a 2.5 km track. Silichi offers accommodation, restaurants, bath-houses, relaxation and SPA, summerhouses, paintball, carting, various sports, etc.

Prices: just to give you an idea, one hour for an adult on a weekend would cost 18BYN (9USD) plus equipment 11BYN (6USD).

Staiki (“Стайки”) is the Republican center for Olympic athletes and the biggest sports complex in the country where national teams of the Republic of Belarus get prepared on more than 20 sports. It is a big complex with hotels and facilities for tennis, football, snooker, boats rent, cafes and more. Stayki are located some 15 minutes to the South-East from Minsk. It will take some 20 minutes to reach Stayki from Minsk National Airport.

Day 2

You woke up in one of the guest houses in the described sports complexes and you are full energy. This means that it’s high time to dedicate this day for history of Soviet Union and the World War II. The Great Patriotic War is a very important page in history of Belarus because it was a very tough time from 1941 till 1945 when each third Belarusian citizen died.

War-time memorial places

First, we shall go to Khatyn (“Хатынь”) memorial complex. Khatyn was an ordinary Belarusian village in Minsk region until German Nazis invaded Belarus. On March 22, 1943 they encircled the village with 149 innocent people — kids, women, old people — and drove them from their houses out in the shed. Only three kids managed to escape, all the rest were locked in the shed and the Nazis set it on fire with almost 150 people in it. Among victims there were 75 children with the youngest of only 7 weeks old. The whole village was looted and burned to the ground. Khatyn is a symbol of monstrous acts of German Nazis, there were hundreds of similar episodes in the history of Great Patriotic War in Belarus.

Today there is a memorial complex built in commemoration of those Belarusian villages and their villagers who became victims during the Second World War. Schoolchildren and university students regularly visit Khatyn to remember about such tragic events in Belarusian history.

Prices: an excursion around Khatyn would cost 8BYN (4USD) per person for groups up to 20 people and 16BYN (8USD) per person for groups with more than 20 people. Guided tours are organized only in Russian or Belarusian language, but they can be arranged in English in advance.

Visit of a delegation from Finland to Stalin line with MeetnGreetMe

After Khatyn go to Stalin Line (“Линия Сталина”). It is a historical and cultural complex opened on June 30, 2005 to the 60-years anniversary of the Soviet people’s victory in the Great Patriotic War. Generally, Stalin Line was a system of fortified areas along the Western border of USSR; this system was built from 1928 till 1939. Today Stalin Line is an open-air military and historical museum with military equipment, tanks, aviation, small arms. Today they offer many things to do in addition to excursions: to shoot with dummy weapons, ride tanks, shoot in a rifle range, fly on a helicopter, play laser tag, organize corporate leisure activities, etc.

Prices: entrance fee is 10BYN (5USD) per person. 20BYN (10USD) would be a sum to pay for an excursion organised for a group up to 20 people. Excursions are not held in English, so an interpreter would be needed. You can hire a MeetnGreeter to help you out. You can also shoot from guns or ride a tank for extra payment. For example, to ride a tank PT-76 it would cost 200BYN (100USD) from a group of up to 10 people.

Once you finish riding tanks at Stalin Line drive to Dudutki where you will sleep one night in a hotel or a cozy guest house.

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