What You Have to Do during Your Trip to Odessa

Opera Theatre in Odessa, Ukraine

Ukraine is a rather diverse country where every city has its own personality, mood, type of tourists who go there and things you can do there to enjoy your trip. Kyiv is designed for those who are interested in exploring Ukrainian ancient history, taking part in religious traditions, trying the famous finger-licking Kyiv cake, and more. Lviv is all about spectacular architecture, quirky restaurants and unusual tours. Odessa has another vibe.

Odessa is one of the best summer getaways in Ukraine. Here you can escape the heat on the beach, stroll in peaceful green parks and alleys, and party hard at night in great open-air clubs with a motley crowd of international tourists. Another thing Odessa is famous for is its remarkable shady past connected with infamous gangsters, Ukrainian mafia, counterfeit money production, and special tunnels dug under Odessa to secretly transport smuggled goods.

And even this is not it! There are plenty of secret streets, fantastic museums and hidden gems off the tourist pathways. We are bringing to you top great things to do in Odessa when you travel there. Based on my personal experience ;)

1. Count the stairs at Potemkin Steps

The Potemkin Stairs is one of the main tourist attractions in Odessa designed by an Italian architect Francesco Boffo in 1825 as an entrance to the harbour below. The staircase was constructed in such a way that it created an optical illusion so that those people standing at the top could see only those steps which are close to them, while others below merged into one large line. Looking up the stairs makes them seem longer, while looking down makes them seem quite short.

On the left side of the Potemkin stairs there is a funicular. However, it’s better if you walk the staircase up and count the steps. Initially there were 200 steps, but after all the reconstruction their number changed. Which to? Tell us after you count them in the comments below ;)

2. Send your wish to the statue of Duc de Richelieu

This statue is dedicated to Duc de Richelieu, the first mayor of Odessa. Originally a Frenchman, Duc arrived in Odessa just eight years after it was founded. Back then Odessa was a small settlement with a few wooden houses. Being a mayor, Duc de Richelieu made many changes to the city allowing it to turn into one of the most prominent cities at the time. Odessa became a large commercial port. Odessa Opera House, the printing press, Commercial College, Institute for Noble Maidens and other important governmental buildings were constructed here.

Duc is holding a manuscript in his right hand with a map of Odessa he helped to shape and grow. If you would like to make a fortune, touch the money bag on the sculpture. Just walk up from Potemkin Steps towards Primorsky Boulevard to make a wish.

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