Why Choose Fuerteventura from the 13 Canary Islands

Autumn is a perfect time to escape somewhere far away from your hometown in order to forget about business mail or study deadlines, feel the last warmth of the sun on your skin and jump from the rock into the ocean. And Canary Islands getaway is a total match here with its mild climate throughout the year!

The first question concerning Canarias is predictable: “Which island should I choose? There are 13 of them”. And the most popular choice here is well-known Tenerife — it seems that this island is adapted for tourists to the maximum extent with its infrastructure, activities, hotels, tours and private guides, shopping centers and car renting services available 24/7.

However, my choice fell on an island that lies off the beaten tourist track — Fuerteventura. I have to start with saying that it should not be included in your list of “to-go” places if during your holidays you prefer visiting galleries, shopping all day long, going to fancy restaurants or taking pictures of some historical sights.

It is for people who are in search of undiscovered places and who want to feel unity with nature! If you seek it — read on, as I am going to share some tips about the island and its culture, as well as must-things to try before you return home.

Let’s start! Here is a list of 5 core things to do during your vacation:

1. Rent a car and drive across the island

It is 100 kilometers long and 31 kilometers wide, so one day is more than enough for such activity. Be ready that at first sight, the island looks like a solid desert — no trees, no bushes, no grass! But later you will notice how mountains are replaced with ocean and absolutely dry land changes into small areas of tropical plantings.

By the way, did you know that the island was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO? Even this scientific and cultural organization promises you beautiful views, exotic plants, and volcanic sand :)

2. Pop into the small coastal city that you’ll find during your car ride

To say the truth, they all look exactly the same — with white two-floored detached houses, cactuses and aloe at the front yard, mosaic as the decoration of the facades, palm trees and cheerful locals who come out and greet you with loud “Hola!”. It is interesting that every house has its own unique name created by an owner and written at the facade, like “House of Sun”, for example.

3. Discover the best beaches in the world

The most popular and, as a result, the most crowded one — Corralejo — can be found in the north of the island, but I recommend you to head south to find some privacy and peace.

My top 3 beaches are:

1. Tarajalejo beach with incredible black volcanic sand that shines in the sun like glitter. Only a bunch of locals can be found along this bay, but be ready that you will not find any sunbeds and sunshades here.

2. Costa Calma is a large (and noisy) bay of approximately 1.5 km length. It is also located on the way to the botanical garden and zoo, so you can combine both activities and visit them too.

3. Jandía (Morro Jable). This is a quintessential Fuerteventura beach with soft, light-coloured sand, clean and shallow sea. And it is almost 21 kilometers long, can you imagine? And a good starting point for hiking, but read further :)

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